Stake Vision

As we start a new year, we as a stake presidency would like to illustrate the vision for our stake. These goals, as we shared with you in ward conference, will help us grow closer to the savior and help us share the Gospel with our brothers and sisters.

Every member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Liberty Missouri Stake is consecrated unto the Lord

True power through the Atonement of Jesus Christ to overcome all things, become sanctified, and claim the blessings of eternal life:

Consecration – To the Lord in all things; will, time, and talents; heart, might, mind and strength

Unity – One heart and one mind in all things

Alignment – Of Priesthood Keys; Stake, Ward, Quorums, Auxiliaries and each individual aligned with him who possesses and is authorized to exercise all Priesthood Keys

Ministering in the Lord’s Way

Continuous Missionary Efforts

Regular, Consistent Temple Worship and Family History Work

Honoring the Sabbath Day – Home Evening; Teaching the Doctrines of Christ

Be Worthy of, Seek to Receive, and Act on Personal Revelation


✓ Every family in the Stake develop their family and personal plans to determine how and what they will consecrate to accomplish the Prophetic Priorities

✓ Monthly Ward Fast Sunday specific to join in “Fasting and mighty prayer” for the missionary efforts and welfare of the soul of the less active of the Stake (Alma 6:6)

✓ Every member with a recommend find and take a family name to the Temple


Teach the “Why”

Teach Faith in God the Eternal Father, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost

Teach Pure Doctrines of Christ, His Atonement, and Plan of Salvation

Teach the Saving Ordinances of the Gospel